10 Reasons to List During the Holidays

1. Buyers who look for a home during the holidays tend to be very serious buyers.

2. Serious buyers have less to choose from.

3. There is now a $6500 tax credit incentive for you to sell and then buy.

4. First time homebuyers still have the $8000 tax credit incentive, which ends April 30, 2010.

5. Starting January, the number of listings that will hit the market jumps drastically. More supply means less demand for your property.

6. Buyers have more time to look during the holidays because vacation time has accumulated and must be used by year end.

7. Many families relocate into Houston to start their new jobs and want to get settled in before the New Year.

8. You stand a better chance of getting a contingent buyer which means a higher selling price for you.

9. The 30 year fixed mortgage rates are below 5 percent.

10. Houses are prettier during the Holidays and buyer’s love to see a home decorated and looking special.

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